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Smith PPI is headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. From this central location, Smith PPI develops, custom engineers and manufactures a variety of press accessories to improve efficiencies in printing. We also provide turnkey installations and daily 24 hour parts and service support for our many customers throughout the United States and around the world.

Smith PPI has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing Pulsed Dampening Systems for offset printing presses since 1968, when Roy Smith, the company's founder, invented the first spray dampening system. Over 40 years, Smith pioneered a number of advancements in spray dampening, which broadened applications from forms printing to newspapers, book printing and a wide range of commercial printing, including heat-set and coated stocks.


Spray Dampening has evolved over the past four decades to become a truly comprehensive, cost effective dampening solution for Offset Printing in any Newspaper application as well as most Commercial applications.

Over the past 40 years, new sophistication of high frequency solenoids, precision pattern spray nozzles and digital controls have all contributed in advancing spray dampening to today's new technology in digital pulsed systems.

Through out its history, Smith PPI has been dedicated to advancing the benefits of spray dampening systems. Smith introduced new innovation to the industry including:

  • The first system with single point quick disconnect spray bars
  • The first system with true flow-through design
  • The first low pressure dampening system
  • The first system with TouchSTAR precision pulse rate controls

Smith also introduced SprayCLEAN, an economical blanket cleaning system, which cleans all blankets on the press in less than 30 seconds.

In 2007, Smith acquired Pressroom Products, which added a complete line of fountain solution and water management equipment to the product line. Since then, Smith has further improved product technology for press efficiency and productivity.

Smith now offers SprayMATIC Dampening for all offset printing applications, blanket cleaning systems for either dampening train or direct spray applications and a comprehensive line of pressroom equipment, including CircuFLO fountain solutions systems.


Today, Smith PPI carries on its tradition of innovation to provide state of the art systems and superior support. Smith PPI believes that custom tailored products and personalized support are priorities in delivering the best total benefit to our customers.
We offer:

Custom Engineering:

On-Press systems are custom engineered prior to manufacturing to insure the most optimum design for each application. Smith's engineering staff conducts on site pressroom and printing applications evaluations. Mounting Brackets, Shielding, Spray Bars and Controls are then custom designed to optimize performance on each individual press.

Specialized Installation and Training:

Smith's experienced team of technical service installers are available to supervise an in-house installation or provide a turnkey installation, if desired. Installations are quoted and individually planned especially for the benefit of each customer's requirements. Installations are planned around production schedules and all press crews are provided hands on personalized training.

Technical Support:

Service support is provided 24 hours a day, every day. Our service team is always on call to help with service questions by phone or with on site support, when needed. Smith provides experienced technical support for every spray dampening installation, and every service question, anywhere in the world.