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SprayMATIC with TouchSTAR Controls for Newspaper Printing

Smith PPI offers the latest in pulsed spray dampening with the SprayMATIC and TouchSTAR digital controls. Newspapers in North America, Europe and Japan now operate with this proven technology to achieve excellent, consistent print quality and a rapid return on their investment.

High Speed Pulsed Dampening is now available for wide range of printing applications, including newspapers, forms printing with standard and U.V. inks, Insert and tabloid newsprint, heatset on coated stock with standard or U.V. Inks and packaging with standard or U.V. Inks.

SprayMATIC with TouchSTAR provides advanced pulse speed and precise pattern required for continuous roller coating and fountain solution metering. TouchSTAR controls offer the most flexibility in programming pulse rates and volume outputs. Now, improved print quality may be achieved, while saving on both fountain solution and ink, due to zoned controls and precise application.

SprayMATIC dampening provides these benefits:

Reliability -

  • Patented Flow Through Design maintains consistent flow of fresh fountain solution to the plate with dual filtration.

Convenience -

  • Quick disconnect ¼ turn precision nozzles
  • Lightweight, easy to handle, quick disconnect stainless steel bars
  • Universal bars fit any position on the press
  • In-line Filtration to every bar. Easily removed for cleaning
  • Quick Mount mist guards with hinged access covers

Performance -

  • Independent nozzle pulsation for overlap control and higher quality printing
  • High speed precision valves; up to 3500 pulses per minute
  • Precision water distribution adjustments in less than .05 millisecond increments

Serviceability -

  • Sliding cover for easy removal and replacement. No tools needed
  • Quick Release, self aligning, ¼ turn nozzle. No tools needed
  • Quick mount hand wheel for spray bar placement
  • Quick disconnects for electrical, fountain solution supply and return lines
  • Water proofed, accessible components, no gasket mounting to repair or replace
  • Quick change valve assemblies and onboard electronics
  • Modern connect VPN troubleshooting, set-up and diagnostics

Ease of Use -

  • Independent nozzle control for precision adjustments
  • Digital Electronic Controls with Touch Screen and job recall

Value -

  • Low Pressure operation. Less fountain solution usage and over spray
  • Environmentally safe and sensitive with less waste and elimination of waste disposal

touchcontrols.jpgTouchStar Digital Controls - -

TouchStar controls provide comprehensive water distribution with infinite adjustments of each spray nozzle. Precision solenoid valves are adjustable in .05 millisecond increments. Pulses per minute may be adjusted from 0 to 3,500! Independent Non Linear curves provide for continuous quality printing by allowing for set point differentials to increase or decrease water output as the press accelerates or decelerates. Values are individually stored and quickly recalled for presets of previous jobs. Automatic, adjustable flood time controls allow for very fast start ups with minimum waste copies!

TouchStar displays are ergonomically designed for the pressroom with chemical resistant touchpads and LED readouts for maximum visibility. All controls are easily read and simple to use. Updates and changes are instantaneous. Unit displays with bar select keys allow the operator to quickly select up to eight bars from a single unit display. Each display has individual nozzle, page, flood and master bar controls. Nozzle readings are constantly monitored and updated.Remote master unit control displays allow for up to 24 foot print units and 192 bars to be controlled from one convenient, centrally located console.

rgmain.jpgTouchStar Touch Screen

Touch Screen provides for complete computer control of an entire dampening system on one press or multiple press lines. In addition to all the convenient features of TouchStar controls, Touch Screen allows for up to 100 job file security and a library of stored jobs for quick reference and presets.Windows® based, Touch Screen Controls are the fastest, easiest to use controls available for spray dampening. Adjustments, small or wide range, can be made quickly and conveniently. Press set ups are easily changed for different press configurations. Bar selections are made by pointing to the unit bar to be changed. Non linear curves have on-screen display to view the entire ramp speed range and quickly change it. Alpha numeric job file directories allow for quick reference and job recall. Color coded keys and press units allow the operator to easily set up and adjust jobs.