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Speed Clean II cleans all blankets on the entire press, at the same time, in less than one minute!!!
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Speed Clean the newest concept in automatic blanket cleaning, provides the best combination of spray wash and dual oscillating brush scrubbing action, resulting in the most efficient, lowest cost blanket cleaning available.
All operating functions may be programmed with easy to use PLC controls. Multiple programs may be stored for various types of cleaning to optomize performance.
Speed Clean units are light-weight for easy handling and maintenance, yet manufactured from heavy duty stainless steel and chemically insert materials for long term reliability.
Speed Clean due to it"s compact design, is very easy to install on any single-circumference or double-circumference printing press configuration.
SpeedClean Oval Stack Unit
General Information, Features and Benefits
Cleaning Time
The cleaning cycle, to clean all blankets in the printing press simultaneously, is approximately 45 seconds.
Cleaning Function
Multiple cleaning cycles are programmable in the PLC control which determines the nozzle pulse speed, the spray time for washing solvent, the brush time on the roller, oscillating speed, and how many times the brush will lower onto the blankets. Solvent is sprayed and the twin brushes drop onto the blankets. The brushes oscillate to clean ink and paper dust from the blankets. Paper dust may be cleaned from the unit by adding water from the spray damening system, together with the washing solvent from the blanket cleaner. This process can also be used to wash the ink and dampening rollers.
Paper Consumption
Minimal paper is needed to completely clean all blankets on the press. The recommended speed of the press during the cleaning cycle is 300 iph, which in a single-circumferential press gives 0.83 signatures per second. With a total cleaning time of 45 seconds the paper waste is less than 40 signatures.
For a double-circumferential press cleaned at the same speed of 3000 iph, which produces 1.66 signatures per second, the press waste is less than 80 signatures. The savings gained from using paper in the cleaning process can be favorably capared to the labor, time, and cost of manual cleaining.
Advantages of Automated Cleaning With Speed Clean
Blankets will be cleaner than when washed by hand. When the blankets are cleaned automatically using SpeedClean, they can be easily cleaned more frequently than by hand. The blankets wil therefore be better maintained, resulting in a longer lifetime with reduced cost. Starting the press with clean blankets will also increase the printing quality and reduce the risk of web breaks. Make ready wast will also be reduced.

Speed Clean also cleans lead rollers at the same time the blankets are bging cleaned resulting in reduced set-off of ink from the lead rollers.

Speed Clean improves the environment because an automated blanket cleaner uses less solvent than washing by hand.

Speed Clean is an excellent investment with a very short pay back time, resulting in reduced operating, maintenance, and supply costs.